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RIT Project

Uses the echo example web service that is built into RTCP and includes a RIT project which contains a test to exercise the echo operation of the web service.


RIT Project & Java Application

Uses of the calculator example web service that is built into RTCP. Also contains a simple calculator app to drive the web service and stubs.

Extending RIT


RIT Project & ECMAscript

Various simple and indepth ECMAscript examples in a RIT Project.

Custom Functions

RIT Project & Library & Java Code

This Custom Function project provides as an example a load-and-go RIT project, the used CustomFunctions library and even the code.



Docker build

Example of how to setup an IBM MQ broker with the Rational Integration Tester MQ Exit installed.


RIT Project & Java Application

Example of how Rational Integration Tester can be used to record and test IMS resources.

DevOps Services


Java Application

A collection of example applications which take advantage of the RTCP REST API

Coming soon


RIT Project & Java Application

Uses the phonebook REST interface that is built into RTCP.